Celebrating 30 years of Impact & Empowerment

Research & Innovation

Pioneering global research into bio-pesticides

Our Research Labs

We take pride in implementing cutting-edge research initiatives at our facility. Over the years our research team has played a vital role in constantly innovating several neem based biopesticides.

Our research labs are recognized by the Indian Department of Scientific and Industrial Research & ISO certified. Our technologies have also been patented in several countries like USA, Canada, Spain, UK, and Australia.

Testing & Quality Control

Our product Toxicology studies to evaluate the safety of our Technical material and EC formulation were done in Huntingdon Life Sciences, U.K. and the product chemistry data was generated at Hauser Chemical Research Inc. Colorado, USA.

Efficacy trials were carried out in India, the USA, Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Canada, and Israel on various pests. The results of these trials have established the effectiveness of the product on pests infecting Cotton, Tea, Tobacco, lepidopterous pests complex on Cabbage, pest complex on Tomato, Chillies, Oil seed crops, other fruits and vegetable crops, and greenhouses, mushrooms, etc.


“Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what no body else has thought”

– Albert Szent Gyorgi