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Company Overview

We introduce ourselves as the world's largest manufacturers of Azadirachtin from the seeds of neem tree, Azadirachta Indica, with an installed capacity of 10MT A.I. and a capital outlay of USD 16 Million.

Azadirachtin, a bio-pesticide, is effective against 300 insect species and has been granted and exemption from residual toxicity tests by the US EPA, because of its safety. It is also harmless to beneficial insects.

Our product Toxicology studies to evaluate the safety of our Technical material and EC formulation were done in Huntingdon Life Sciences, U.K. and the product chemistry data was generated at Hauser Chemical Research Inc. Colorado, USA. Efficacy trials were carried out in India, USA, Mexico , Italy, Thailand, Canada and Israel on various pests. The results of these trials have established the effectiveness of the product on pests infecting Cotton, Tea, Tobacco, lepidopterous pests complex on Cabbage, pest complex on Tomato, Chillies, Oil seed crops, other fruits and vegetable crop and green houses, mushroom etc.

Ours is the first non US organization in the world to obtain US EPA registration for Azadirachtin and the 3 rd registrant in the USA. Our EPA Registrations are as follows:
  • Fortune Aza Technical   EPA# 71038-3.
  • Fortune Aza 3% EC   EPA# 71038-4.
  • We have received our Patent in USA. Our Patent No. is 5827 521 and also in MEXICO (Patent No.222106).

    Our Extraction Facility:


  • In US market, we sell Technical material to M/s AMVAC, California who formulate and sell under their own brand names ECOZIN, AMAZIN and ORNAZIN.
  • In Italy, we sell Technical material to M/s SIPCAM and they formulate and market under their own brand name - OIKOS.
  • We sell under our brand name (FORTUNE AZA) in USA, Middle East, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore etc.
  • We also formulate and pack for domestic buyers in India like M/s Godrej Agrovet (Brand name: ACHOOK), M/s Madras Fertilisers (Brand name: VIJAY NEEM), M/s Excel Industries (Brand name: AZACEL) etc.
  • Recently we have been granted our own registration in Mexico and are looking for Marketing tie-up. We have a huge capacity to produce Technical material for export and also formulations for domestic and export.

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