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Fortuneem Coat

Fortuneem Coat is a coating for Urea/DAP which reduces nitrification in the soil by suppressing the activity of nitrobacter and nitrosonmonas thus retaining Urea/DAP in the soil for a longer time. Fortune super neem coat is a mixture of salannin, nimbin, epinimbin, deacetyl salannin and deacetyl nimbin and a host of other limonoids.

Divide 50Kgs Urea/DAP bags in 2 portions ie.,25kgs. each lot. Add Fortune Super Neem coat 125gms. to each lot (ie., 1/2 packet). Mix well allow to dry 2 to 4 hours. Broadcast to soil in usual manner.

Fortune Super Neem Coat delays the conversion of Urea/DAP into ammoniacal and subsequently to niitrate and nitrite forms thus giving a sustained presence in the soil.
Reduces nitrogen losses due to leaching, denitrification and volatalisation.
Reduces attack by stem borers and sucking pests.
Ensures a 30-40% increase in crop yield.
Gives more fodder for cattle.

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