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Fortune Super Aminos Liquid

Fortune Super Amino Liquid
Amino Acids as follicular spray to improve plant growth and thereby the crop output this is acknowledged world wide. Amino acids gets absorbed through leaves and aids in protein synthesis.Super amino is a blend of 17 natural amino acids with a 35-40% content together with Folic Acid and trace element micro-nutrients.

Properties of Super Amino
  • High active ingredients ranging from 35-40%.
  • Combination of 17 natural Amino Acids.
  • Specifications meeting international standards.
  • Shelf life upto 2 years.
  • Non-hazardous, non-poisonous and completely bio-degradable.
  • Excellent compatibility with pesticides except with copper and sulphur based products.


4ml-5ml of Super Amino to be diluted in 1 Lt. of water depending upon crop growth, stage and duration.

Recommended Spray Schedules

Pre flowering, Peak flowering and fruit formation stages.

Crops recommended

Agriculture, Horticulture


    Protein synthesis and uptake of micro nutrients.

    Increases photosynthesis.

    Includes flowering and fruit set related hormones.

    Provides drought resistance by direct action

    Improves efficacy of the pesticides and fungicides.

    Reduce flower drop and fruit drop

    Improves fruit size quality and color.

Directions for use

    Shake well before use.

    Super Amino can mix directly with water as per recommend dose.

    It can be used with plant nutrients, fungicides, pesticides except those containing copper and sulphur.

Note: May be used in conjunction with pesticides and fungicides or singly which are already in use.

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