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Fortune Super Aminos Granules

Fortune Super Amino Granules: Innovative Granules of Vegetable Origin through Bio-technology route based on Hydrolyzed Proteins, Enzymes, trace minerals & Nutrients for higher yields & quality enhancements of Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Oil Seeds, Plantation Crops, Sugarcane, Fruit Trees, Tea, etc.

Optimizes crop yield and quality.
  • Increases tolerance of crops to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Eco-safe being biodegradable with all pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Granules provide a balanced nutrition for optimum growth promotion through availability of required amino acids, enzymes, micro-nutrients, optimum metabolite formation, enhances germination of seeds, extends root and shoot development, increases tolerance to stress, increases flower and fruit setting, improve-size, color and flavor of the produced yield.
  • Composition
    • Total Nitrogen: 0.50-0.55%
    • Hydrolyzed Proteins(Amino acids): 0.65-0.70%
    • Hydrolyzed Carbohydrates: 0.55-0.60%
    • Trace Minerals and Nutrients: 216ppm
    • Bentonite Granules: To make upto 100%

    Directions For Use
    Broadcast 8 Kg. Granules in 1 acer field.


     1st Application

    2nd Application


     At Planting/10-12 days after planting

     40-50 days after planting

     Wheat/other cereals

     25-30 days after sowing

     40-50 days after planting


     At Planting/10-12 days after planting

     25 days after planting

     Groundnut, Mustard,Sunflower, Soyabean

     At initiation of flowering

     20-25 days after 1st application

     Potato,Onion,Ginger Turmeric, Opium

     At planting time

     30-40 days after planting

     Sugarcane, Maize

     25-40 days after sowing

     65-70days after sowing


     40-60 days after sowing

     at initiation of flowering & fruiting

     Tea and other plantation crops

     40-60 days after sowing

     15-20 gm per plant in plantations,
     20-25 gm per plant in older plantation.

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